Dave, Reading, 2002

Like I ever post in this thing anyway.

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I liked it better when it didn't make sense.
Dave, Reading, 2002
Skins: Pure is about loneliness.

It's about loneliness in all its forms. It's about how you can be alone in a crowd, when you're with friends, when you're with family, when you're fucking someone, when you're in a city full of people, and yes, when you're on your own.

And as soon as I worked that out, the episode kinda descended into "meh". Not sure when it was exactly - possibly when Maddie left (waaah, I liked her), but somehow it became "yeah, I've got it now, we can end and move on". Bringing Reuben and Cassie back together was sort of cute, I suppose, but not really enough of a payoff for the story.

Yeah, we have Jakob, alone behind his camera; Marcus, alone without his wife; Reuben, alone with his dad; Pete, alone with (and without) his staff; Maddie, alone with her random fuck buddies; Yaniv, alone without Cassie; and Cassie herself, alone with everybody. And most of them found some sort of resolution, but none of it was quite satisfactory.

Still, and it'll always have this over Fire, at least it was a story. And there was backstory! There were references to Cassie's anorexia, and her distance from her mum, and all those things we wanted. Still no Sid though. (Yeah, that wasn't ever likely to happen - if Skins Redux is about one thing only it's about not living in the past.)

Also, I don't know how, but Cassie was really rocking that cricket sweater at the end.


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