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Like I ever post in this thing anyway.

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Naomi, Skins, S3E04, 2009, Oh

This episode is problematic.

See, most of what I know about metal comes from Guitar Hero, because I suck. But the rest of it comes from my aunt, uncle and two cousins I live with, because they are all metalheads.

My cousins utterly, utterly detested this episode. They hated the way it depicted metallers (and hence themselves) as emotionally stunted losers, whose lives are so consumed by the metal subculture that there's no room for anything else. And to an extent, they've got a point. But that's what Toxic Bob's for, to show that it's possible to be a metaller and still appreciate the finer things in life. Like Heat.

I know plenty of people who live, eat and breathe their particular choice in music. More with a guy at Uni who was obsessed with prog than anything all that metal (although there's plenty of such at ScoreHero, the Guitar Hero forum I hang out at), but the thing is that I've seen it. One of my cousins would be too ashamed to admit it, but he really is Rich.

So. I couldn't make myself hate this episode for its extremist depiction of the metal subculture, because I've seen it plenty of times already and I live with it on a daily basis. That doesn't mean I loved it. Yeah, Toxic Bob was amazing (but then Huey always is) and Alo cemented his position as the most awesome character of this gen. Grace still pisses me off though (Pandora's hidden depths were better when they were... well, Pandora's) and the ballet scene went on too long.

Ultimately, I think I have to applaud it for being the opposite of Frankie. I criticised that episode for Frankie's failure to compromise; this episode was all about Rich learning to. But I'm still not sold on this gen.

Music? Well, nothing to download (metal was never really my thing), but skills for the well timed inclusion of You Suffer (you can't talk about Napalm Death and not talk about that song). Fear Of The Dark over the end credits was amazing, but it would have been sheer perfection if they'd included the last two lines...

When I'm walking a dark road
I am the man who walks alone

Songs to download

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Great read! I wish you could follow up to this topic

So do I! But time constraints, house hunting, job switching, and a general lack of inclination towards this gen (I'm getting a horrible feeling I may have hit the wall head-on with Naomily) means I just haven't got round to it.

Yet. ;-)

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